Toxicity Testing

We are all exposed to and carrying toxins in our bodies that are known health risks. Some of us clear them from our bodies more easily than others. Fat soluble toxins accumulate in our fat and can contribute to poor cell function and ill health. They can be the cause of symptoms and “conditions” or they can additive to the burden of illness currently experienced. Even if feeling well, reducing the load of toxins may be preventive of future health risks.

Visual Contrast Sensitivity

A vision screening test that can be used to determine the potential presence of neurotoxins in the body.

Oxidative Stress Breath test

A “breathalyzer” test that indicates the degree of un-neutralized free radical damage one is experiencing.

Blood and Urine testing for Toxicity

Detects the genetic ability to remove biotoxins, genes that control liver detoxification, environmental pollutant byproducts, and oxidative stress.

Heavy Metals testing

May involve hair, urine, and/or blood and can show current exposure and past exposure that is stored in the body.

Mold Toxicity testing

A sinus culture for fungi and urine testing for mold byproducts can determine your exposure and identify the species and treatment required.

Blood and Urine testing for Environmental Chemicals

Tests are available that can detect PCBs, organochlorine chemicals, organophosphate chemicals, glyphosate (Round Up), phthalates, parabens, and other endocrine disruptors.

Testing for Stealth Infection

Testing for Lyme and co-infections, bacteria, viral, and parasites as appropriate