General Wellness Testing

Comprehensive Blood tests

Blood counts, kidney, liver, thyroid, iron, hormones, markers of inflammation and others as needed

Lifestyle Assessment

A detailed evaluation of your diet, exercise, stress, toxic exposures and sleep.

Comprehensive Physical Examination

Including nutritional exam

Women’s Health

Breast exams, gynecologic exams, evaluation of vaginal ecology, testing for sexually transmitted infections, endometrial biopsies, contraception evaluations, targeted exams for symptoms and concerns

Bio-Impedance Body Composition

A body composition analysis may reveal poor beneficial fats in the cell membranes, dehydration, toxicity, and inappropriate fat content. It also calculates a person’s basal metabolic rate. The data generated is used for assessing risk of health conditions as well as mapping a strategy for muscle building, fat burning and nutrient improvement

Advanced Lipid Testing

A more detailed assessment of your personal risk of heart disease beyond a normal or abnormal reading on standard cholesterol tests. Includes assessment of: Risky cholesterol particles, prediabetes and Insulin Resistance, inflammation, beneficial fats, blood clotting tendency, genes for cardiac risk and more

EndoPAT Endothelial Dysfunction test

Detects the earliest sign of inflexibility of the blood vessels from plaque build-up. Endothelial dysfunction is an independent risk factor for cardiac disease. Poor endothelial function is associated with other inflammatory processes such as erectile dysfunction, metabolic syndrome, stroke, heart attack, sleep apnea, and other systemic disease.

Micronutrient testing

A blood test can reveal important nutrient deficiencies you have had over the prior 6 months including antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, proteins and carbohydrate tolerance.


A reliable and accurate sleep study test you do at home – under your normal sleep conditions. Indicates how much you snore, how loud, and in what positions. Most importantly, it indicates the Apnea/Hypopnea index – the number of times per hour you stop or almost stop breathing.

Brain Health

60% of the brain is fat. A blood test can reveal the type of fats surrounding your brain cells: healthy, inflamed or toxic. Validated cognitive testing gives a window into the function of the brain. Our objective is to improve cognitive function by improving the composition of the brain fats.