About Us

What to Expect:

You should expect a warm welcome and to be treated with kindness and respect. We are a fairly small office and patients find it relaxing and comfortable. There will be a lot of paperwork in advance so that we can understand you better at the first visit. My consultations with patients are lengthy and the exams are comprehensive. We work with a variety of labs including many functional medicine labs. We also do some testing on-site. Evaluations are typically in areas of your health, background and lifestyle that are new and exciting to most patients. We often hear "Finally, someone is able and willing to help me find answers!" Treatments are aimed at replacing what's missing and re-balancing the whole.

Our office does not take insurance but we will give you a bill that you can submit if you have out-of-network coverage. Laboratory fees are usually covered by insurance but functional medicine testing is typically cash based or requires an additional co-pay.

Our Team

Dr Kate Thomsen MD, MPH, ABOIM

Dr Kate Thomsen MD, MPH, ABOIM

My medical training in Family Medicine and women's health along with my former career as an environmentalist have given me a unique vantage point in my consultations with patients. I view health as an ecosystem, looking at how a patient is functioning as a whole - not as pieces or parts.

Functional Medicine gave me effective tools to both evaluate and treat a person in their ecosystem. It is a revolutionary way of thinking and has gained serious momentum as the incidence of chronic disease climbs and a healthy lifestyle and environment elude many. People have become tired of hearing, “I don’t know what you have” or better yet, “I don’t believe you have these symptoms” and then, “but here, take this pill.”

Functional Medicine has a systematic and organized way of looking at an individual’s health regardless of their “diagnosis”:

  • a timeline of symptoms and triggers
  • a way to detect imbalances in 7 basic physiologic processes that includes mental, emotional and spiritual aspects, and
  • a comprehensive evaluation of lifestyle factors that can be contributing.

I was taught to listen deeply, evaluate with a comprehensive physical exam and laboratory testing and develop a plan of action in collaboration with the patient. Sometimes we are working on prevention of disease, sometimes we are working on eliminating or reducing symptoms or a condition - but we are always unravelling imbalances and finding clues that can move us forward in our health goals.

I am proud to be among the first graduating class of the Institute for Functional Medicine's rigorous certification program in 2013. I became board certified by the newly created American Board of Integrative Medicine in 2017. I have been practicing Functional, Integrative and Holistic medicine since 1997 – over 20 years!!! I love being a “medical detective” in search of the root causes of symptoms and conditions. I am excited to be on the forefront of the new medicine aimed at prevention and the amelioration of chronic disease.

Highlights of My Educational Background:

  • Residency trained in Family Medicine with Board Certification in 1992
  • Created and completed the first Women’s Health Fellowship in Family Medicine in the country in 1994
  • Completed Masters degree in Public Health (MPH) in 1995
  • Academic faculty appointment at Rutgers - Robert Wood Johnson Medical School until 1996
  • Medical Director of the national organization, Planned Parenthood Federation of America until 2001
  • Completed Herbal Therapeutics, School of Botanical Medicine training in 2005
  • Opened a private practice in Integrative, Holistic and Functional Medicine in 1997
  • Institute for Functional Medicine Certified practitioner 2013
  • Board Certified by the American Board of Integrative Medicine (ABOIM) 2017
  • Countless hours of course work and self-study in Integrative, Holistic and Functional Medicine - ongoing


Office Manager

Cyndi has a degree in Nursing and superb organizational skills. While raising her family she has built a career in health care that includes working as a Medical Assistant, a staff nurse at U Penn, a home health aide, a billing clerk, a nurse staffing coordinator – you name it – she’s done it. She has been on the team here since May 2017 and we have benefitted from her expertise along with her sense of commitment and responsibility. With all the frustrations inherent in healthcare these days, you will find Cyndi the voice of calm and reliability in the storm.



Resources Manager

Lisa is our voice of early morning sunshine. At the office before the crack of dawn, Lisa will always have a smile on her face. She started with Dr. Thomsen in August 2017 coming from a 20 year position at the holistic oriented Stockton Family Practice. She is a wealth of knowledge in resourcing health products and the holistic health experience. She has taken her expanding and diverse role here to heart and you will appreciate (as we do) her enthusiasm, energy and “can do” attitude!

Victoria Alexanian, MA, FMCHC

Victoria Alexanian, MA, FMCHC

Medical Assistant
Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach

Victoria is a graduate of the Nurse-Midwife program at St Petersburg Medical College in Russia. Since 1995, she has worked in several holistic and women’s health practices in New York City before teaming up with Dr. Thomsen in 2008. In 2018, she finished a rigorous program with the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy so that she can do what she already does so well – even better. She has a gentle and reassuring way about her and you will find her to be an invaluable resource.

Charlie Erica Fall, CTM

Charlie Erica Fall, CTM


Charlie Erica Fall, CTM has been working in holistic health for over 20 years. She worked as a nutrition counselor for families with autistic children and was a team member of the Autism Research Institute’s Defeat Autism Now! conferences. Charlie worked at Stockton Family Practice where she learned thermography. She continued her studies in Toronto, Canada. In 2016, Charlie opened her own business in thermography and sees women at several offices including ours. She uses very sophisticated thermographic equipment and has her results evaluated by an internationally known thermography expert in Canada. Charlie stays current on the latest in holistic breast health. She is a well informed and fun teacher, dedicated to educating her clients about prevention of breast disease. Here's how you can contact Charlie: Email: cefall@comcast.net, Facebook: CEF Thermography, Cell: (609) 647-4150

Dr. Silky

Dr. Silky

Love Generator

Dr. Silky is 105 (15) years young thanks to her holistic vet, regular chiropractic adjustments, BARF diet, long walks and BEMER sessions. She also gives and gets a whole lotta love. Dr. Silky worked as a puppy factory prior to coming here - which she reports was more unsatisfying than it sounds. She was rescued from that job when she was 3 in human years. She immediately took the position of Love Generator. She keeps spirits high in the office and also keeps the staff on their toes (letting her in and out and in and out…). Her main goal is to make patients feel comfortable and at ease. Just before a consultation, Dr. Silky likes to come by and give patients her “sad sack” look which usually makes them forget all about their health problems and say Awww….. Their loving gaze releases oxytocin and their sigh activates the vagus nerve - Voila - pet therapy!!! For the next ten minutes, all is calm and good in the world.